Posted by: The Bike Lane | May 4, 2010

Welcome to The Bike Lane’s Go By Bike Challenge Blog!

A couple of months ago The Bike Lane began the Give Up Your Car for a Year Challenge contest.  We asked people to take the challenge to give up their car for 80% of their transportation needs and go by bike for a year.  The Bike Lane offered to give the one person a few tools to make life a little easier and in return the person would have to blog about their experience for a year.

We set up an online application for people to answer a few questions such as; why would they give up their car a year, what the challenges might be in doing so, how many miles do they drive every week, and a few other questions.  Out of the 25 applicants, The Bike Lane choose one person who showed the most commitment to the project.  We worked with a few of our manufacturers to give this person some tools to help make the transition a little easier.  Trek bicycles donated a new Trek Ride + Valencia bike,  and some very cool panniers.  Light and Motion donated a Seca 150 commuting light and a few other manufacturers are stepping up to help with commuter clothing.  Driveway 2 Driveway has offered to sell the persons car if they decide they longer need it.  While Zip Car has offered a free one year membership and a $25 gift certificate.

So, who did The Bike Lane choose to take on this Challenge?  Meet Emily.
Emily drives her car about 100 miles every week.  Her commute to work is about 14 miles each way and most of her car trips are within 4 miles of less of her home. She is an environmentalist and wants to use her car less often.   As with most people who want to commute more by bike, Emily said her biggest challenges are; the time it takes to go by bike, inclement weather, and the inability to carry lots of stuff.  Other factors that make it difficult are the lack of safe bike routes to go to wherever she wants to go and lack of easy to use bike facilities at work.

The Bike Lane chose Emily to take on this challenge because she represents most of us; those who want to go by bike more often but fear that the challenges make it too difficult to make the commitment.   We are excited to offer Emily this challenge.  We look forward to following her new adventure- good or bad.  And maybe she and The Bike Lane will inspire others to go by bike.

So we will let Emily take it from here.  Follow her on her journey and see where Going By Bike takes her.


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