Posted by: emilybybike | May 6, 2010

A Welcome Sign

Now that’s what I’m talking about! Bicycle-specific parking at my office’s parking garage! It’s out of the way of cars, secure from random people wandering in off the street, and the best part is – it’s FREE!

I find it amusing – and somewhat confusing that while there is always ample FREE bicycle parking, there never seems to be enough metered vehicle parking. So, I ask, why spend upwards of $4/day (in quarters!) and 5-10 minutes driving in circles and battling other drivers for the few cramped parking spaces, when you can ride your bike, get some fresh air, pull in to the same spot every day and park for free? Choice seems easy enough for me… now if we could just get the fitness center in my building to let commuter cyclists shower for free, we’d be in real business.

But this sign, is a GOOD sign for a biking commute. It’s another perk I’ve discovered that comes with commuting by bike. I used to fret over the choice between battling the crowds and service interruptions of metro, or scrounging for quarters and endlessly driving in circles searching for a space in the garage, or buying a coffee from Caribou at the shopping center across the street, saving my receipt and praying my car didn’t get towed from parking there… oops! But now, now I don’t stress, worry or fret, because I know that I’ll always have a safe spot to lock up my bike, and it isn’t going to cost me a thing.


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