Posted by: emilybybike | May 10, 2010

Temperature Check!

It is May – right? Just double checking…

Waking up this morning and turning on the news to see temperatures in the low 40s around the DC made me a little skeptical about riding in this morning. It was going to be more than chilly – it was going to be COLD!  The thought of having to ride in made me shiver. I definitely had second thoughts about riding in, as I looked at the temperature on the TV, and then opened the door and stuck my hand out. Ugh. It WAS cold, and my enthusiasm for riding dropped.

BUT…really – I’ve ridden in colder weather than this during the winter…but still…it’s May! It’s not supposed to be 40 in May!

After a brief mental debate – the bike won out and I set about preparing for a chillier than normal commute…well this time of year at least.

Fleece jersey and gloves THIS morning!!

Out came the leg warmers, the bright red fleece jersey my brother had given me a few Christmases ago, and the full-finger wind-stop gloves. Time to ride! The initial blast of cold air when I left the garage jolted me awake. Who needs coffee when you have a 40-degree morning? That’ll wake you right up.

The first 5 minutes are always the worst – when you haven’t warmed up yet and it feels even colder out than the weatherman said, but once I got rolling the uncomfortable cold subsided and it actually was a practically perfect morning for a ride! Sunny, clear skies, and with it being chilly – the sweat (and thus stink) factor was eliminated from my commute. Yup – cool morning and my Ride+ Valencia = sweat free commute! Sweeeet!

Glad I rode in and didn’t let my skeptisism make me chicken out from riding in on what turned out to be a gorgeous and near-perfect morning for a ride! Got to work early, refreshed and ready to face the week ahead!

Not too bad for a Monday 🙂



  1. Fenders do rock in wet weather. My front fender holder doodad died Saturday.

    Wet pavement isn’t bad, watch out for wet wooden bridges. I was leading a CCT ride last year and we had 2 falls due to the bridges.

  2. Luckily there aren’t many bridges on my commute – but you do have to be careful for sure on road lines and whatnot … especially on a back-heavy bike with smooth tires!

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