Posted by: emilybybike | May 11, 2010

Fenders Rock.

Chilly but sunny again at 7am this morning….so I ventured out to work on my bike. Gorgeous ride. Arrived at work and was in a great mood. Then the clouds came. The wind kicked up. The rain started. I started to worry.

It was nasty enough outside that my friend and I opted for work-cafeteria coffee instead of running across the street to Caribou.

And I was still going to have to ride home in this yuck!

Foresight had prompted me to throw my summer-weight rain jacket in the panniers this morning, and luckily I had opted for the Gore-Tex trail runners as opposed to another pair of old running shoes so I wasn’t completely unprepared for the elements outside.

So I zipped up and pedaled out. As always – the initial shock of riding out into the cold and the rain was unpleasant to say the least.  But wait a minute – I did have to stop and remind myself to quit whining and deal, it really wasn’t that bad. Seriously, I mean,  I’m the genius girl who raced her mountain bike in a blizzard back in January. A little 50-degree weather and drizzle is nothing compared to sub-freezing temperatures and snow.  (Then again – I don’t know if I’ll ever voluntarily do that again!)

The built-in fenders on the Valencia were priceless as I made my way down the rain-soaked roads and bike paths. No rooster tail from behind my bike, and no wet shorts for that matter either!

They kept the road yuck off me, off the bike and off my panniers. Fenders are awesome. Sometimes, I think the worst part of riding in the rain is the road spray that kicks up from your tires, and with my fenders, problem solved. Bring on the rain!

It took me a little longer than usual to get home – in part becaue I went a little slower, cautious of wet pavement, but I made it, a little soggy, a little chilly but all in all unscathed.

Riding in the rain = not the most fun I’ve had on the bike, but all in all, not that terrible.

Oh … and while it wasn’t horrible – definitely not weather that I was going to stop and take pictures in … next time maybe if it’s warmer!

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