Posted by: emilybybike | May 13, 2010

Taking the Long Way

A benefit I’ve found of having the Ride+ bike, is that on nights when I don’t have anywhere to be after work, it’s a lot easier to take a little extra time and take the “long way” home.  Okay – so in reality, it’s only about 2 miles (15 minutes or so) longer but it makes me happy.

The ‘long’ way consists of sneaking up through neighborhoods to Bethesda and picking up the Capital Crescent Trail. And while I do enjoy and am thankful for the Rock Creek Trail, well, the Capital Crescent Trail is a lovely smooth 2-lane bike highway compared to the bumpy, cracked and narrow bike “path” that is the Rock Creek Trail. Throw in fewer road crossing and picturesue scenery – and the days I have time to ride the Capital Crescent Trail home are swiftly becoming my favorites.

The Capital Crescent Trail is a great resource – it’s an old rail way path (you know the old rail car that sits in front of Glen Echo park? Well from 1889 until 1985 a railway ran from Georgetown to Silver Spring MD, part of the Balitmore and Ohio Railway and is now the Capital Crescent Trail!) part of the National “Rails to Trails” network and gives cyclists, runners, walkers etc … a nearly uninterrupted smooth path from Georgetown to Bethesda. It rocks.

Rider’s eye view of the trail (don’t try this at home – taking pictures while riding can be dangerous!)

Then throw in the fact that the trail tracks along the C&O Canal  and the Potomac river right up to the Key Bridge

and it almost makes you feel as if you are riding in the woods of a small town – and not a bustling metropolis. And when it’s not along the canal or the river, it travels quietly behind Bethesda and Chevy Chase neighborhoods, and through local parklands. It’s simply gorgeous and a pleasure to ride.

Here, going by bike, isn’t just a way to get from point A to point B, it’s an opporutinty to enjoy a great local resource, feel completely removed from city hustle, and smile I ride, taking the long way home.

Capital Crescent Trail gets a thumbs-up from me!

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