Posted by: emilybybike | May 19, 2010

The Bicycle State!

There’s a reason that the Tour of California is the US’s largest professional bike race – and that’s because of how bicycle-friendly this state is! From the moment we landed in San Francisco, it has been hard to find a street that doesn’t have a “Share the Road” sign or a dedicated bike lane.

People are riding everything from top of the line carbon road bikes, to cruisers with pink tires and of course, mountain bikes. In Sacramento, streets turn into strictly pedestrian and cyclist paths, and a long paved recreation trail snakes along the Sacramento River.

Shoot south to Menlo Park, and there is a bike lane wide enough for two cyclists abrest running near Standford University and the heart of Silicon Valley. THEN, throw in the Tour of California coming through, and you’re going to see more cyclists than cars out, climbing up the winding road to watch the racers summit. The traffic on the ridgeline road was more due to a volume of cyclists than cars. Amazing.

Bicycle-friendly and fun to ride – California is a great place for cyclists! More (and pictures!) to come soon!

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