Posted by: emilybybike | May 25, 2010


Today – I believe in karma, and if you try and do a good thing (like going by bike more!!) good things will happen.

My bike is back 🙂

HUGE – Thank you to everyone who took time out of their day to post about this on their blogs and facebook etc… and help get the word out. It’s amazing and a really comforting feeling to know that we have such a supportive and pro-active cycling community in the area. Thanks especially to Jason, Joel, Aaron, Karja, Anne, my parents, and my office for being incredibly helpful and supportive as I had do deal with some larger than normal bumps in the past 18 hours. Also thanks to the Arlington Police Department and a concerned citizen who had the thoughtfullness to call the police when he saw a bike dumped in a wetland.

So yes – how it unfolded – There is a bike path that runs between my apartment building and a wetland area behind it. An older gentleman was out walking and stopped to go out on a deck overlooking the wetland to look at the baby ducks living there. Then, he saw a (my!) bike dumped haphazardly over the fence and had the courtesy to call the Arlington Police to let them know. Bike, recovered.

Just a little dirt to clean off (and handle bars and seat to dis-infect of course…)

Incredibly happy and feeling incredibly lucky, that in a situation where 9/10 times, you don’t get your bike back, that I happened to be that lucky 1/10 and have it returned to me, almost unscathed. Who knows if that man had seen anyone’s post or was just a conscientious citizen. We’ll never know. And while I hope this never happens again, nor happens to anyone else – it’s good to know that cyclists in the DC area are quick to act and support each other when the trail gets rough.

Thank you again everyone!!  The DC/VA/MD cycling community is awesome!



  1. Hi Emily,

    I’ve just found your site–cool! I am trying to step up to go car free–I just need to commit. It’s a bit scary and will require a lot of effort on my part… Glad you got the back back. Good Luck, and I hope to come by your site often.

    Cheers! Bruce

    • Thanks! It can be a little intimidating at first, but once you start – definitely worth it. I’m finding that in some cases – it’s almost faster to ride than to drive!

  2. SOOO glad you got it back in good condition! I’m so proud of you and jealous for taking on this challenge! I do my best to be car free.. but I slack waaaay too much. Keep it up! Prove to everyone how great it is!

  3. Wow, what a lucky ending!! Glad to hear that you got it back so quickly and without any problems. Must have been because the battery ran out! 🙂

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