Posted by: emilybybike | May 25, 2010

To Catch a Bike Thief

Does anyone have any good ideas? An unfortunate part of biking is that bikes are easily stolen, and unfortunately for me, I was a victim of that last night. My awesome new commuter was locked up, with a cable lock, tire to frame, and tucked in on Jason’s deck last night. But someone cold and cruel out there, was snooping around the area and brazenly walked up, and walked off with my bike.

Talk about a virtual gut punch. When you go to get on your bike, which you thought you left securely parked in a discreet area and it’s gone, the feeling is not one I would wish upon anyone. At first you stare in disbelief, then look around like it magically rolled somewhere by itself, and then the bottom drops out. For me, at first I felt numb and a little sick, then wanted to cry and finally it turned to anger.  What causes someone to purposely take something that isn’t theirs?  Do they care that they ruined someone elses’ day? Took away another person’s means of transportation? Not cool. Not cool at all.

But this isn’t the end of the world. It’s a lesson, and a challenge. My challenge now is not to be a victim. My challenge is to use all available resources to find my bike and catch a thief.  If you’re willing to step up and join me in this challenge, I welcome all and any assistance. Check Craigslist, check Ebay, check local bike shops. My new commuter was a new style of bike and pretty rare in the area, so please keep a lookout for an unusual commuter with a larger-than-average rear silver hub and big battery under the rack.

The details on my bike:
17″ Trek Valencia Ride+
Matte Black with Fenders
Rear Rack with BIG Silver Battery under the Rack
Unique rear hub – Large Silver (where pedal-assist motor is)

So live, learn, and move forward and hopefully catch this punk! If you can help – it would mean a lot. Thanks.


  1. U-locks combined with a cable lock are best.

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