Posted by: emilybybike | June 1, 2010

Bikes ONLY Lane!

As I still look back on all the biking-related fun I had in California, AND the exposure I got to a super-bicycle-friendly state, perhaps one of the most fun things I was able to do was cruise along the beach from Santa Monica to Venice on a BIKES ONLY bike path! Not just a bike lane on a regular street, or a ‘share the road’ sign, but a two-lane, paved strip along the beach, just for bikes! No walkers, no joggers, no cars, just BIKES!


After surveying the famous Santa Monica Pier by foot,

we decided to venture forth on beach cruisers up to Venice Beach to, well, let’s be honest here, we were going to look at all the colorful personalities that tend to hang out in that area. And there were bikes all around! The bike path there had all reaches of cyclist, from the tourist on the cruise (a la moi) to the commuter, the racer in training, and the recreational rider. We saw cruisers, triathlon bikes, road bikes, beater bikes, mountain bikes, commuter bikes and even several recumbents pedaling along the winding beach-front path. Oh yes – and we accounted for the tandem, as Jason and his mom cruised along on one!

Riding a beach cruiser brings back the pure joy of cycling. You’re not racing, you’re not hurrying to work, you’re simply cruising, out enjoying the sunshine, the bike and your friends. Single speed, wide bars, and in my case, mine was pink! Can not think of a better way to enjoy the beach than cruising on a big pink bike on a bike only path 🙂


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