Posted by: emilybybike | June 3, 2010

The Early Biker

… doesn’t get (too…) sweaty 🙂 New revelation!

Working the morning shift this week for oil spill response coordination has had me out the door and wheels spinning by 5:30am each morning. Initially – yes – UGH – but with the hot and humid weather this week, the forced earlier commute has been more of a positive! With pre-dawn temps already above 70 and humidity pushing 75%, riding any later would have been sticky to say the least. The hours just before sunrise tend to be the coolest of the day, and as I’ve recently discovered, the most comfortable hours to commute when summer weather arrives in the DC area.

Time to get up already?!

The 5am alarm does take some getting used to and as I leave just before sunrise, my little Stella 150 from Light and Motion is perfect for helping me see and be seen. As far as bike lights go – the Stella is awesome. It’s tiny, light weight, stylish, super-bright and easy to attach and use. So between my Stella and two red ‘blinkies’ attached to both my backpack and bike, I was about as lit up as a Christmas Tree. Slightly obnoxious, perhaps, but hey, you weren’t going to miss me!

Best little light – and LOVE the color!

Another great thing about riding early is the calm. Streets  and trails are quiet in the early hours and birds aren’t yet drowned out by the morning rush hour. Crossing the Key Bridge, glow from the rising sun highlights the Georgetown skyline, shimmers on the Potomac and sheds a new day over Washington.

Morning breaking over the Potomac from the Key Bridge

I start my day with more energy, and seem to get more done starting early. Perhaps Ben Franklin really was on to something when he said “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy & wise.” Or, at least in my case – a woman.

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