Posted by: emilybybike | June 14, 2010

I would ride 500 miles

As I pedaled along Rock Creek Parkway this morning, passing by the National Zoo the little numbers on my odometer flipped to 500.

Five-hundred miles. How far is 500 miles? It’s about driving from Washington, DC, to Columbia, SC. (yes, I used to do that drive quite frequently in my college days) Takes about 8 hours in a car. Took me 45 days on my commuter bike of just riding around DC to reach 500 miles – which averages to just over 11 miles / day. But I  can do better. I can ride more. I can ride when it’s rainy out. I can ride when I’m tired. I can ride when it’s dark out (yay Lights and Motion!)

So – with this first 500 under my belt, my next challenge is going to see if I can hit the 1,000 mile mark in less than 45 days. And I’m going to need y’all to help me stay motivated! Another 500 miles before July 31st is the new goal! Time to get pedaling!


  1. Well done! Good Luck on the next 500–Cheers! Bruce

  2. Good job Emily, I know you can do it! Just pretend it’s a mtn bike race!

  3. Thanks guys! And if only mountain bike race mileage counted towards the commute … Maybe one of these weeks I should do a “Total Weekly Mileage” count – commuting + training + racing and see how addicted to biking I really am 🙂

  4. Very cool! Good luck with your new goal.

  5. You go!! I’m currently at 420 miles this year, but my commute today and tomorrow by bike into the city will take me up to 500! My goal is 2000. I’m blogging my rides at

  6. […] Quite excited. We’re into the quadruple digits in terms of miles now.  After reaching my first 500 June 14, I set a goal to hit my next 500 before July 31st, so I am very pleased that I’ve […]

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