Posted by: emilybybike | June 17, 2010

To Market We Go (by bike of course!)

Ahh the grocery store (aka MY fueling station!). The grocery store is one of those places where going by bike may seem a bit challenging. It’s not always the easiest thing to carry a week’s worth of groceries by bike. And frankly, some things are just plain awkward and maybe you can’t take them by bike (watermelon anyone?). But – for those smaller trips, going to the grocery by bike makes a lot of sense and can save you cents too.

First off – grocery stores are close. Round trip from my apartment to the grocery is only 1.6 miles. That’s it! And to think I used to drive that once or twice a week! Silly. It actually takes me longer to get in the car, drive to the store, park and walk in, than it does to jump on my bike and pedal a measly 0.8 miles down the street.

Next it can save you money. Cost of driving aside, when you’re limited as to what you can carry – it also limits that common grocery store black hole of picking up the ‘oooh this looks tasty’ item that isn’t on your list. Stick to the list. Stick to what you can carry. Save money.

Yup – all my groceries are loaded into these two bags!

That same factor can also help you improve you eating habits. Fresh salad is a lot easier to carry than frozen pizza! And, as with going anywhere by bike, you’re not only reducing pollution and carbon emissions, but you are improving your own cardiovascular health, and perhaps making that doughnut you pick up at the store a little less guilty since after-all, you did ride your bike there!

All the goodness that fits into a bike bag! (good-for-you cookies included 🙂 No twinkies here!)



  1. My grocery store is about 2 and half miles — I think I will try it out by bike. I don’t have panniers, but I’ve got a front rack and a back rack–I just have to install them on my “cafe bike”. I can probably find some creative way to get everything on board. I can wear a backpack too. It’s hard to believe I commute to work and such, but drive just a couple of miles to the store on Saturday monring to get groceries… Cheers! Bruce

    • I’ve used a backpack before – and as long as you’re not hauling a lot, it really works. Otherwise, I’d definitely recommend picking up some panniers. I just got a new pair of Bontrager ones which are made out of recycled tubes! ( They’re great for around town, but also can hold a ton of groceries!

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