Posted by: emilybybike | June 21, 2010

When Racing and Commuting Collide

Before I started going by bike as my means of primary transportation, most of my riding was racing or training for racing. Now as the summer mountain bike season heats up, I find myself having a bit of difficulty balancing going by bike and racing.

Take this morning for example – after yesterday’s Massanutten Hoo Ha, the last thing I wanted to do this morning was get on a bike. I was tired, my body wrecked from a long hot day on the bike yesterday of climbing some of the gnarliest single track in the state of Virginia, and then throw in the fact that I managed to crash in one of Massanutten’s many rock gardens earning me a bruised palm and shin, and yeah — climbing back in the saddle was not on my list of top-10 things I was looking forward to this morning.

But – I did it anyway, and was definitely grateful to have my pedal assist! A little slower than normal, but none worse for wear. My hand still hurts though :-/

A rainbow-colored and still swollen palm from Sunday’s race … not so much fun to ride in with

So what to do next? There is a bit of guilt as I drive from here to there for races – and while I do try to carpool with friends, we’re still going by car to go by bike. I suppose I could ride – perhaps see what it’s like to ride over to Wakefield for one of the Wednesday races coming up, but then how do you take everything you need for racing? Nutrition, clothes for post-race? And most importantly, how do you not burn yourself out riding to a race, when you’ve already ridden to work for the day? Starting to feel a bit overwhelmed… I want to do the right thing and go by bike, but I also want to keep competitive at the sport I love.

No easy answer I can come up with right now – so if anyone has thoughts or suggestions, I welcome them!


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