Posted by: emilybybike | June 24, 2010

Going By Bike … Fast!

Ahhh, Wednesdays at Wakefield. One of  the unofficial indicators that it’s summertime! Starting in late June through early July, a few hundred of the DC/VA/MD area’s mountain bike enthusiasts gather each Wednesday at Wakefield park for the Wednesdays at Wakefield Mountain Bike Race Series. With classes for everyone from kids 10 and under, to some of the areas fastest Expert Men, if you want to try racing mountain bikes, Wednesdays at Wakefield is a great place to start!

Great for beginners and seasoned veterans alike, the Wakefield Races vary from 1 to 4 laps on what equates to a “Dirt Crit” 3.8 mile loop literally just outside the Beltway. For me, racing Sport Women, from the moment we’re told to go to the moment I cross the line after 3 laps, it’s full-gas and racing in the red. With a full Sport Women’s field – we started fast and didn’t let up until the end, and even then it was tight. Talk about an adrenaline rush, but racing is just another way of going by bike, just a bit faster!

Racing and the Wednesday series fall in to the category of bigger picture places bikes can take you. Going by bike and participating in local biking community events like Wakefield has given me the opportunity to have a lot of fun and make some good friends. Last Sunday at Massanutten, I met Sarah, who rides for The Bike Lane, and it was cool to see her again at the race last night, as we could smile and shake our heads about the challenges of Sunday and look forward to racing together against a great women’s field last night. Going by bike builds friendships, gives you a healthy outlet for socializing and a basketful of stories and experiences to share with friends.

And every now and then – when you go by bike fast enough – you get to step on top of the podium. I had some great competition out there – and look forward for the opportunity to race with a great group of ladies again next week!


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