Posted by: emilybybike | June 25, 2010

Coffee? No thanks – I’ll take my bike!

Before I took on the challenge to go by bike, a critical part of my morning routine included about 3 cups of coffee. One cup while I got ready around my apartment and then another 2 cups fit nicely into a travel mug to take with me either in my car or on the metro. I didn’t think I could survive, let alone function as a productive member of society without my coffee, but in the past two months, I’ve discovered a far superior alternative to coffee. It gets you moving sooner, keeps you up longer and puts you in a lot better mood without any artificial sweetener. It’s my BIKE.


Now, instead of coffee, I’ll have a big glass of juice (orange pineapple is a favorite) and they typically down a bottle of water as I ride to work. And I don’t miss coffee either. I  initially tried having a BIG cup before I’d roll out the door, but that just made my stomach not happy with me. And the last thing you want after pedaling an hour to work is a hot cup of coffee (now this may change come winter time, but we’ll just have to see). So my coffee consumption has nose-dived. But my energy and alertness has seemed to increase. I don’t need coffee like I used to think I did, riding my bike to work does a far better job, and is probably better for my overall health as well. I think the exercise and fresh air does far more to jump-start the body then 18 oz. of french roast by a long shot.

I’m happy and positive when I roll in, excited to start the day. I spend my mornings pedaling along a wooded creek now, instead of sitting in traffic or crowded like livestock on an unreliable Metro rail. Even when I have to deal with the angry vehicular commuter, well heck, that’ll certainly wake you up and get your blood pumping.  Hard to be sluggish and droopy in the morning when you’re making your way to work through this:

So do I still drink coffee? Occasionally, on the weekends or meeting a friend for a quick break from the daily grind, but my mornings are now fueled by my bike!

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