Posted by: emilybybike | June 28, 2010

And in the news this morning…

Metro fares are on the rise again – up 18%, which means my old metro trip, which would cost me $7.30 / day to go from Ballston to Silver Spring, would now cost me $8.60/day. Ouch! And if you’re thinking, well I’ll just drive then, well, gas prices are back on the rise too, going up 5 cents / gallon in the past week.

You know what hasn’t gone up recently?

The cost of going by bike.

No fare hikes to ride your bike. No increases in the cost to fuel, since, well, it doesn’t require fuel. And, on top of all that, going by bike isn’t adding to the summer haze over the city caused by exhaust pollution.

More reasons to go by bike! Save your outrageous metro fare, save by not spending more on gas, and you don’t add to the pollution which makes the air quality go down in the summertime. Go green and save green!


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