Posted by: emilybybike | June 29, 2010

Geeking on Gear

If it’s one thing all cycling enthusiasts have in common (aside from the bike of course), it’s the love and obsession over bike gear. From weekend century rider, to the sneak-out-of-work mountain biker, to the Cat 1 racer, to the daily commuter to the hipster fixie rider, we all get excited and obsessive over the latest and greatest bike gear in our arena. So while a few months ago I was in awe over Sram’s new Noir Crankset that came in pink, and I still have yet to resolve my pedaling question,  my latest gear geek-out is with my new pannier bags.

Functional and cute AND recycled!

They are A-mazing. Made out of recycled tubes and bits from billboards, not only are they water-proof, but the amount of cargo room I have now, is ridiculous. The top of the bags fold over to make them compact for commuting, but open them up to walk into work, or load up for a short trip, and they can carry the world it seems! They transform from pannier to grocery tote in a matter of seconds – all you gotta do is un-roll and un-zip! (Can you tell I’m excited about these?!)

Bags open wide to carry lots of goodies! (Bike should put size in perspective – they come up to my knees!)

Oooh – and the zipper pulls – they’re recycled too! Recycled tube stems!

Yes, I’ve had a little bit of a gear geek out with these new bags – but they make my commute a lot easier, allow me to make even more of my trips as I can carry more and not worry about it getting rained on – AND they’re green!

Next question – does anyone out there know of any more great green bike gear for me to geek on? I think it is an awesome idea to creat bike gear out of old bike gear. Less waste. Less energy for production. Big fan 🙂



  1. Those bags are awesome! I still ride with a bag over my shoulder. Do you think that if I am commuting, it is worth getting some bags like those??

  2. Definitely worth getting panniers! You can fit a lot more, easier to carry and doesn’t bother your back 🙂

  3. Em, where did you get these and who are they made by?

    • They’re by Bontrager – Anne gave them to me this summer – so I’d check The Bike Lane first!

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