Posted by: emilybybike | July 2, 2010

Vive le Tour!!!

Alright – it’s early July, and you know what that means!!!

Fireworks aside – le Tour de France starts in Rotterdam tomorrow! Again, for cycling fans from the young to the old, there is nothing more spectacular than the Tour de France. It is the most epic, most grueling sporting event on the planet. Twenty-one days of some of the world’s most elite athletes pushing their bodies and minds to incredible limits.

Perhaps my tour fever is fueled after watching Chasing Legends at Arlington Cinema ‘n Drafthouse last night (was great to see so many folks out!!) or by surreal memories of actually being there myself last year and watching the drama and beauty of a finish sprint unfold on the Champs Elysee


With tour excitement, be it due to Lance’s return and racing with a new American Team, or just the growing popularity of cycling throughout the states – if you’re thinking about biking more, biking to work, biking for fun, biking for exercise or biking for any reason – use this month, the excitement and adventure of the Tour de France to spur your own cycling journey. And while it may not result in a maillot jaune – I can almost guarantee it will make you smile and take you on adventures of your own.

Vive le Tour. Vive le France. Vive le velo!!


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