Posted by: emilybybike | July 15, 2010

Miles keep rollin’ by

It took me 45-days to hit my first 500 miles. And now, with about two weeks left to hit my goal of riding another 500 miles by July 31st, I am happy to report that I have less than 100 miles to go! Hit the 900 mark on my way home from work today – so to put that in perspective, I’ve ridden about the same distance it is from Washington, DC to Tampa, Florida. (and no, I am not counting my training / racing miles either! This is strictly commuting on my Ride+ Valencia!)

Not all at once, but I’ve ridden about this far since starting this challenge back in April!

Neat to think how far you can go on a bike! There are people who ride across the country, across states, even across continents! Sound intimidating? Perhaps, but if you just start by riding across town, you never know how far it’ll take you!

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