Posted by: emilybybike | July 23, 2010

The BIG 1-0-0-0

I did it! I hit and surpassed the 1,000 mile mark this morning on my way to work! Quite excited. We’re into the quadruple digits in terms of miles now.  After reaching my first 500 June 14, I set a goal to hit my next 500 before July 31st, so I am very pleased that I’ve been able to amp up my mileage and have now hit 1,000 miles on July 23rd, 8 days before my goal!

Almost there…

Voila! The big 1-0-0-0!

Perspective wise, it’s about the equivalent of driving from Arlington, VA to Little Rock, Arkansas! Slowly but sure, I’m virtually working my way across the country!

This time, it took me 39 days to do 500 miles, so now I’m up to averaging about 13 miles / day. What next?  Well September 1st is 40 days away, so let’s see if I can hit 1,500 miles by September 1st!



  1. Cool! Cheers! Bruce

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