Posted by: emilybybike | July 27, 2010

Good Mornings = Great Days

The past two mornings have been picture-perfect for going by bike. Low humidity, sunny and cool, cool (yes, by cool I mean low 70s) temperatures. Perfect. A cyclist’s dream weather.

These are the mornings I am so happy because I can leave a little later (i.e. sleep a little longer), do not have to worry about coming into work and being uncomfortably sticky and the ensuing fear of being the ‘stinky girl’ around the office. Nope. None of that today. This is the type of morning which makes me incredibly thankful that I have the opportunity and ability to ride my bike to work instead of being stuck in a car or on the metro. And I am allllll smiles on my ride in.

That said, I think these are the days I get weirder-than-normal looks, as the combination of simply riding my bike AND the weather being great, puts me in such a good mood, I can’t help but smile. Thus the smiling snowballs, and my perfect morning turns into a great day. It’s easy to see that starting your day off in a good mood (BY RIDING YOUR BIKE!!!) can carry over to the rest of your day-to-day activities. I’m friendly on the bike path, I’m excited to get to work, share a little gossip with the co-workers and go about my business. I feel more productive, more inspired and more capable of tackling whatever the day will throw at me. And yes, it all starts with a little bike ride to work.

Now looking at the weather forecast for the rest of the week – it’s going to be GORGEOUS. Low humidity, lower temperatures and little chance of rain. If you’ve been thinking of trying out the bike commute to work, or even biking your errands or visits to friends instead of driving, this cooler, milder week is going to give you a great opportunity to do so!



  1. Cheers! I can’t wait either. Wanted to ride ttoday but finishing up with full suit and laptop-ee made it a no-go. Rest of the week I’m riding for sure! Thanks for inspiring!

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