Posted by: emilybybike | August 2, 2010


Whether you like them or not, detours pop up along the trail (and in life too) causing us to temporarily change course, while hopefully, our normal path is repaired. Apparently August is detour month in DC. As I rode in this morning, my ‘normal’ route had to be re-routed 3 times along my way! All for detours. The first two, weren’t so bad, and actually almost nice. A portion of the Rock Creek trail had been re-routed for some unknown-to-me purpose. And yes, while the detour causes a slight disruption in the general direction of the path and is a bit tight, being lined on both sides by chain-link fences, the new ‘temporary’ path is almost nicer and smoother than the old path.

Then – much to my shock and dismay – the path that runs through the zoo was locked! The gates chained! Typically, this happens after certain hours, but, never at 8am.  Never! No idea why, but there was no getting around, over or under it, so I had to take on a rather frightening detour, in going through the zoo tunnel. No, it’s not dark, but you do have to ride on about a 1 1/2 foot wide raised sidewalk, only passable by one person at a time with speeding cars coming at you. That kind of scary. Almost claustrophobic, but I made it, none worse for wear and pedaled on my way.

Couple detours along my path this Monday morning, made for a little change of pace, little adventure and kept me awake for sure. But in the grands scheme of things – like all detours, it’s just a little something to have to get around and sooner or later, everything will return to normal 🙂


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