Posted by: emilybybike | August 3, 2010

I break things

Six weeks, three major mechanicals on three different bikes. Ouch. Starting to wonder if my luck is that bad, I ride that hard, or I just ride so much, this is normal. Either way, starting to feel a little down on my luck.

Hmmm … can anyone see what is slightly off with this photo?

Yes, I know I probably ride my commuter bike a little too much like I ride my mountain bike – forgetting it doesn’t have suspension or a frame and wheel set designed to take hits. I do frequently forget that in addition to the bike and pedal-assist rear hub being a little heavier than usual, I’m also typically carrying at least 10 extra pounds of weight in my pannier bags.

Nonetheless, I was still majorly bummed when after giving the pedals some tough love to crank up a hill along my commute, I heard a strange clanking noise and pulled over to find one of my rear spokes broken. O dear. Typically I would have wrapped it around another spoke, but I wasn’t quite sure if that would damage the integrity of the other spokes, given the unique construction of the rear wheel on my Ride+, so I unscrewed it from the rim, tucked it in my bag and carried on my way home, riding a bit more conservatively (that lasted only until I reached the hill on the Custis trail up from Key Bridge, where I found it necessary to kick up the Ride+ and pass some roadies 🙂 oops!)

Ouch … spokes aren’t supposed to do that – but an easy fix hopefully!

Hopefully an easy fix – my bike now has a date with the mechanics at The Bike Lane 🙂 And in the meantime – well, I’ll try not to break any more bikes, but I’m not going to stop riding by any means!


  1. Be sure to have them check out the rear axel at the shop. I ride a heavy commuter, with gear and stuff, and I’d been riding on a broken axel for a few weeks… yikes!

    Cheers! Bruce

  2. I was surprised earlier this summer at the damage I took when I made a long ride (89 miles). I broke a spoke, lost a cog on my back gears and bent the rear derailer. I’m not even sure how I limped into my final destination, but I did. I think the problems each compounded each other, so the advice above about checking the axle is doubly good.

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