Posted by: emilybybike | August 5, 2010

Even Bikes Need TLC

After my spoke-breaking incident the other day, I realized it was past time to get my commuter bike in to The Bike Lane for some much-needed TLC.  With now well over 1,000 miles on it, I had been noticing a few small hiccups, but nothing to stop me from riding of course. However, when you DO let the little things on your bike ‘go’ for too long, eventually, something will break or stop working catastrophically, so it’s better to get the bike in sooner, rather than later.

Now the next question, as it is my challenge to ‘go by bike’ how does one fix a bike, by going by bike? Well, I crossed my fingers, rode with a little more caution and headed out on an adventure down the W&OD trail, to ride from Arlington out to Reston so my bike could get the TLC it needed at The Bike Lane.

The 15 1/2 mile trip took me just over an hour (thank you pedal-assist!) and again made me appreciate the W&OD (another Rails to Trails trail!) along with the other great bike trails we have in the area. The trails are well maintained, wide enough for two-way traffic and passing, and they offer water and air along the way!

And yet, as I cruised along, I came to another detour! What is it with detours this month? Seriously! But again, the new path was smooth, easy to ride and got me back on my way with little disruption.

However, as I rode, I kept noticing these signs … and started to wonder – am I allowed on the trail? Yes I am on a bike, but at the same time it IS slightly motorized. O dear. Well at least the electric pedal-assist motor is silent and no one could tell I had a bit of pep in my pedal 🙂

So finally – I arrived at my destination, and since I am obsessive about bikes, had given them enough heads up, that they were waiting and ready to give my lil’ bike its much-needed TLC. Spoke replaced, brakes tightened, derailleur adjusted, rear wheel trued (apparently – I ride a little hard on my poor bike – oops!), the mechanics at The Bike Lane were awesome and had me ready to roll again in no time. Really appreciate them taking the time to take care of my bike and on such short notice!

And while the catalyst for my adventure wasn’t ideal (broken bike) the result – was a great one. I had a good ride and my bike is working smoother than ever!

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