Posted by: emilybybike | August 12, 2010

Where’s my bike path!?


Yikes. Another DC summer-mega-thunder storm hit early this morning, again wrecking havoc across the region. I had initially headed out early to beat the heat (it was 80 at 6:45am) but when the skies grew darker instead of lighter as I pedaled on my way and I heard a crack of thunder, I turned back and headed for shelter. The “e” definitely was helpful trying to outrun the storm! 

Hearing about over 30 minute delays on Metro and traffic backed up for miles, I decided the best course of action was to give my office a heads up, and stay put until the rain stopped and I could again try to ride in. 

So commute take 2 for today – the sun is out, its remarkably cooler and feels fresh out, so I’m riding with a smile on my face back down the trail and through Georgetown. I get on the Rock Creek Trail, and while it’s a bit scattered with debris, so far, so good. But a little while down the road (just past one of my detours!) I had to ride through a few deep puddles, noticed an increase in debris and then …. well … you saw above what happened next. Rock Creek jumped its banks, swallowed the bike path AND flooded Rock Creek Parkway. No getting through that without a little raft, and even then, I’m not sure I’d want to get in that water. 

Turn around, ride back home for the 2nd time today, call work, and guess what – the AC is off in our building  so we’re told if we’re home, to stay home. Telework day! 

And on the bright side – I did get at least a 10-mile ride in already, had a bit of an adventure, and will have to see what tomorrow brings. Hopefully my path will be back! 

(Side note – incase path is still underwater – does anyone know if the Capital Crescent Trail is passable?) 


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