Posted by: emilybybike | August 26, 2010

Leave no Trace – Please?!

I’ve run into a slightly annoying issue over the past few weeks along the Rock Creek Park Trail. It’s not pleasant. It’s not pretty. I don’t like it, and I *really* think the walkers and joggers don’t like it either. I haven’t seen the culprits, only what they leave behind, and I think it’s rather inexcusable.

Yes, I’m talking about horses. And I’m talking about the mess they leave on the trail. I don’t get it. If dog owners are required to pick up after their pets, why can’t horseback riders pick up after their animals too. Dogs don’t even go right in the middle of the trail!

I’m not trying to ‘hate’ on equestrians either, I actually rode competitively for 9 years when I was younger, and have a lot of respect for horses and horseback riding. HOWEVER, if you’re going to take horses through multi-use, paved trails, you have got to pick up or at least get their mess out of the middle of the trail. Leave no trace, respect your fellow trail-users. If you want us to slow down and give way when you come by on your horses, the least you can do is give us a clean trail to ride.

I don’t like getting pony-pie on my tires, and I’m pretty sure no one else likes getting it on their shoes or tires either.


  1. Thank you! I hate this.. it’s nice to see someone else who agrees!

  2. I’ve only really ever seen the Park Police out there and they usually have the horsey diapers on. Hmmm.

    It’s just like riding at Schaeffer during the nice weather! 🙂

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