Posted by: emilybybike | August 31, 2010

Summer of Bikes

With the ‘unofficial’ end of summer just days away, I’ll ask the rhetorical question “Where did summer go so fast!?” The shadows are changing in the morning, the sun sets earlier in the evening, and yes, we’ve even had hints of those cool crisp mornings lately. Starbucks has Pumpkin Lattes. Fall is knocking.

So where did summer go?

I know for me – summer went by bike. From waking at the pre-dawn hours to beat the heat, to commuting through summer rains, to racing Wakefield @ Wednesdays and those long hot road rides with Slurpees after (Thanks Moe!) my best summer memories revolve all around fun on two wheels. I’ve laughed and cursed and cried. I’ve gotten dirty and sweaty and bloody. But most of all, I’ve had fun, I’ve experienced new trails, new styles of riding and I’ve made some great new friends and strengthened existing friendships, all going by bike. It’s even recently helped me to re-connect with out-of-state family (who also happens to be a go-by-bike enthusiast!)

Summer riding with great friends in the Shenandoah

Summer went up and down the Rock Creek Trail, over the Potomac River, through the Shenandoah Mountains, out along the roads of Potomac, through the woods of Northern Virginia and Maryland. Commuting, racing, breaking bikes, watching le Tour, watching movies about le Tour. Summer was bikes. And I honestly can’t think of a better way to have spent it.

And while summer isn’t completely over yet – the technical end of summer isn’t until the Fall Equinox, which will occur on September 23rd of this year, it is quickly approaching twilight. (And yes, some of us have the final cycling coup de gras of summer, the Shenandoah 100 still to conquer in no less than 5 days!)

So how will Fall stack up? I’m hoping in a very similar way. Cooler weather and less humidity make for perfect mountain biking weekends, commutes where I’m less worried about getting sweaty and being stinky at work and more concerned about how lucky I am to be able to go by bike. Fall is a *perfect* time to try cycling or going by bike more if you are thinking about trying it!

As for me – while I pedaled my way through the ups and downs this summer, I can soon put it to the memory books with a crooked smile and look forward to biking my way through the fall where new adventures and that glorious arm-warmer weather awaits.


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