Posted by: emilybybike | September 1, 2010


Thankful today that I went by bike. It was hot out, the air “code-orange” and probably any person in their right mind would have banked today in the car or on metro. But still I rode. Call me crazy, but perhaps fate was playing a card in my favor today.

In a situation that could have been worse than it turned out, a building near where I work today had a hostage situation, with police roadblocks, SWAT trucks and media swarming the area, traffic, and thus getting home was looking to be a nightmare. Not that I’m trying to diminish what the hostages were going through, but at for those of us out of harms way, the best thing to do was to clear the area.

And while folks had to deal with metro delays, blocked roads and parking garages they couldn’t enter, I was so thankful that all I had to do was jump on my bike and pedal away from the mayhem unfolding. I even had folks ask on my way out “how much for the bike?” I smiled and said priceless. Because it is, and on any given day, poor air quality, heat, rain, what have you, the ability to be free and go by bike truly is priceless, and I am thankful for that.


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