Posted by: emilybybike | September 13, 2010

1500, finally

Better late than never, I finally reached the 1500-mile mark this past friday. Yes, 10-days later than my goal of September 1st (and yes, I’m disappointed), but sometimes life gives us a few more detours than we may be able to navigate smoothly, not to mention the racing (i.e. long, silly 100-mile mountain bike racing) vs. commuting dilemma where the anal-retentive racer takes over and you have to ‘save the legs’ for your big race. I guess that’s where the pedal-assist is supposed to assist, but with something as big as the SM100, I wasn’t taking any chances.

Anyway – back on the bike the end of last week, and back to going by bike all around! The weather is perfect, and with parking consistently an issue in the Clarendon/Courthouse, going by bike is ideal. There are ample bike racks, and even bike lanes on both Wilson and Clarendon Boulevards. Perfect! So I set out Friday evening, lights in hand, to meet a group of my friends at the newly opened Fireworks Pizza (amazing btw…) and just as I was cruising down Clarendon Blvd, the numbers flipped over to the 1500 miles traveled!

And now for the comparison – well let’s just say, if I was riding across country, I would have finally entered Colorado! Not many towns on the Colorado / Kansas border to pick from, but Burlington, CO is just about 1,500 miles west of Arlington, VA!

And now to set a new goal – of reaching the 2000 mile mark! This one may take some guesstimating, as while the weather is more “go-by-bike friendly”, however I’m heading out for a work trip soon that will have me off the bike near 20 days (start heart palpitations…). We’ll be modest here, give a little wiggle room, and I’ll throw out November 14th as my goal to hit 2000 miles. Takes account for days on travel and those detours life likes to add in to the route, and I figure if I make it by November 14th, it’ll be one more thing to celebrate on my 27th birthday 🙂


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