Posted by: emilybybike | September 15, 2010

The Bike for a Boat

This morning will mark my last bike commute for September. Premature for sure, but as of tomorrow, I will be westward bound for work. Last time I went west, I still managed to go that way by bike, however this is a bit different. My path will no longer be pavement or dirt, but the wide open ocean. My wheels will be replaced with waves, as I set sail tomorrow evening for a research cruise.

Excited? Yes. Nervous? Yes. Worried about nearly 20-days off the bike? Very much so. But, with all the racing, training, and commuting I’ve done, when I think about it, pretty much since the snows melted, perhaps this forced rest will give my legs the rest they need. I’m not good at taking rest days when I’m on land, the weather is perfect and there’s a bike staring at me, so take away the temptation, put me 10-miles off-shore in the Pacific on a 65-foot boat, and, well, maybe I’ll get a little recovery in. I’ll still be writing and taking photos, documenting some pretty cutting-edge research, and, I will note, that as my boat is a sailboat, at least I’ll still be working on going green!

So I’ll set out on the sea for adventure, ride the waves instead of my wheels for a while. One more ride home today through the gorgeous Fall weather, and I smile as I pedal, and know also, that come what may on the sea and in life, when I return to land again, my bike will be waiting for me.



  1. hahah if you have any crew duties at all you will be bustin your butt out there! I love sailing but it is some real work.

    Here’s hoping to Fair Weather!

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