Posted by: emilybybike | October 7, 2010

One of *those* mornings

I’m going to blame this one on jet-lag still, and not being quite used to being back on land  …

… as while I did go by bike today, it was a slightly different bike

So I come home last night after a pretty long day at work and a chilly ride home (my toes got cold!!) and I’m proud of myself as I remember to plug the bike in to the charger to get her all charged up for today.

But then – I decide “oh, I need to charge my camera battery too, so I can take pictures on my commute tomorrow for the blog” and the genius girl I am, for some reason, not thinking, unplugs the bike charger to put in the camera battery charger and go about my business for the evening.

Fast-foward oh 11 hours and I’m ready to roll for work, panniers packed, water bottle filled, helmet and glasses on, and oh, no, wait a minute , there’s no battery charge. It’s dead. And no, I’ve pedaled my bike sans battery (and even with the regeneration on) and 14-miles of that would probably take me a bit longer than I have time to spare on an already tight-for-time morning. Think quick – and within 5 minutes the panniers have been dumped into a messenger bag, shoes swapped and I’m on my way to work on the road bike for a change.


Still a gorgeous morning, still a great ride in – just a slightly different set of wheels. And despite my initial feelings of “ugh” and my terrible concern that I was now sporting an old “Trek-Volkswagen” tech shirt despite now riding a Cannondale. Major cycling-dork faux-pas. But either way after 5 minutes on the bike they were gone and replaced by a smile. Biking does that for me – makes me smile no matter what – can’t explain it, but I’m not complaining!

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