Posted by: emilybybike | October 19, 2010

Fall Essentials

It’s definitely fall. Yup. Shorter daylight hours, leaves changing color, chilly mornings! And when the morning temperatures start dropping below the 60 degree mark, it’s time to pull out some of my favorite cooler-weather cycling gear.

The big favorite winner …

Knickers!! Knickers, are quite possibly the most perfect (and thus essential) piece of fall cycling gear. They provide the right amount of coverage for those fall days, they’re long enough to keep your legs warm on crisp mornings, but not quite as long as tights which, by the warmer afternoons are just a bit too much. They also alleviate the need for knee warmers, which, while I adore knee warmers, are two more pieces of cycling clothing for me to keep up with at the office. Knickers are perfect in that sense – they provide knee coverage in one tidy piece of clothing. I think my only worry here, is that I adore my one pair of commuter knickers so much, I may soon wear the seat out of them :-/

This also led me to the conclusion that I need to find some more cooler-weather commuter gear, as it’s that time of year!  Suggestions and recommendations are more than welcome…and while I do love the commuter gear I currently have – it’s a wee bit out of date …

My *awesome* circa 2003 children’s large motocross gloves – great for mountain biking, and decent for commuting on 50 degree mornings!

Adding to the 2003 collection – mountain bike shoes!

But not to pick or whine, it’s also pretty cool that while I did beat up on a lot of this gear, it’s 7+ years old and still doing it’s job, and while I wouldn’t mind some new gear – if my fall essentials work, perhaps I’ll keep the 2003 shoes and gloves and save up for some new knickers. Knickers are the essential fall item after all!


  1. Add more use to those motorcross gloves by adding a poly or knit liner. I ride with basically the same gloves you have with liners down to 35 degrees.

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