Posted by: emilybybike | October 22, 2010

Perfect Fix

With two broken spokes, I limped my bike out to the Reston Bike Lane today for repair. I couldn’t have asked for a better day for an easy 15-mile ride – clear blue skies, warm sunshine and a crisp breeze with temperatures hovering around 55. Perfect riding weather. Knickers and a wool jersey provided just enough warmth for the Arlington – Reston trek. All in all – despite the broken spokes, it was quite possibly the most perfect day this fall so far for a ride. I was smiling like a little kid.


I headed out late morning on the W&OD trail. The W&OD is a great resource, I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I’ll mention it again – how often does one find and have access to a 45-mile, two-lane recreation path, with plenty of open access rest stop with gratuit water an air? Oh – and no motor vehicles allowed either (ummm – so where does that leave me for future ventures?) Regardless – the W&OD trail is a great place to ride, walk or run, if you haven’t checked it out – I highly recommend it!

The ride from Arlington to Reston on the W&OD isn’t a horrible one, but the wind made it not the easiest today and even with the pedal assist I had to dig in a little. Had the fortune of picking up some company just past Gallows Road, which made my ride even more enjoyable. Riding your bike in perfect weather with a good friend by your side, is just about the best thing in the world.  Well at least for me 🙂

Made it to the Bike Lane just shy of noon, and the guys there were more than accommodating and had my bike fixed and ready to roll in no time. Always a good time there. Quick re-charge for the bike and the rider, and then back in the saddle for another 15-miles back to Arlington. The great thing was, I was in no major rush, and all I really had to do was turn the pedals, smile at the sunshine and enjoy the day.

Hi from the W&OD! Great day for a ride!

If this is what happens when I need to get spokes fixed – then I say let ’em break (okay not really – but I had the perfect bike-fixing day 🙂 ) I think I just need more excuses for getting out and riding on perfect days!

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