Posted by: emilybybike | October 27, 2010

Rain, rain, rain

O dear … it’s going to be a soggy one…

Sure, it’s wonderful weather for ducks out today, but for those of us lacking down feathers, a bill and webbed feet, it’s a bit soggy especially when going by bike. However, with the other options being a) sit in DC-area rainy day traffic, which is notably worse than usual on bad weather days or b) schelp to the metro and be crammed on a smelly train with other soggy people, I figured that the bike was, again, the best option.

Puddles and leaves – oh boy!

It was lightly raining when I set out this morning, complete with front and rear blinking lights so I resembled some sort of odd Christmas decoration.  I initially started out wearing my lightweight rain jacket, but with the temperatures this morning unseasonably in the low 70s (it’s late October for goodness sake!) I soon realized that while the rain jacket might have kept me dry from the rain, it wasn’t going to keep me dry from sweating (yes, gross, I know), so the rain jacket went away just shy of the Key Bridge. And while I didn’t stay dry, the rain really wasn’t all that unbearable, it was almost nice! Plus with my awesome waterproof-recycled-inner-tube panniers, at least my clothes for work were staying dry!

Panniers keeping my things nice and dry!

Heading through Georgetown with my fenders keeping me “rooster-tail” free, it was game on to ride through the puddles along the Rock Creek Path. Between puddles and wet leaves on the path, riding was a little sketchie, but I slowed the speed down a bit and made it to work without any catastrophes, albeit it slightly soggier than usual.

Fenders rock

So riding in the rain – not too horrible, and now I don’t really see an excuse or a reason not to ride on rainy days. Sure it may not be the most fun you’ll ever have on a bike, but aside from getting a little soggy (which you do anyway on trains or cars) it’s kind of an adventure and, yes, I’ll admit, makes me feel kind of cool for braving the elements.


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