Posted by: emilybybike | November 5, 2010

Going by metro … No thanks…

Ugh. Yes. With a two-day work meeting starting at 7:45am  in downtown DC at one of the federal buildings in full ‘career-girl’ mode has made going by bike the past two days not quite an option. Throw in having to take a laptop, camera, and close to 500 pages of handouts (yes, I’m sorry, I killed a few trees for the sake of science) and even with my “e” logistically, going by bike yesterday and today would have been one serious challenge.

Soooo I metro’d … thankfully it’s not quite as pricey to get from Ballston to Federal Triangle as it is from Ballston to Silver Spring, and honestly with the cold rain yesterday morning,  I was almost glad to ‘have’ to metro. However, by the time I got home on Thursday evening, I was missing my bike. No crowds. No waiting. No unnecessary motion sickness. Oh yes, and no risk of malfunctioning escalators (thankfully I missed those events).

A little depressing seeing how nice it is out today however, and knowing that I don’t get to ride my bike home. But, c’est la vie, and here’s a lesson learned, that while metro can be convenient and necessary on occasion, in the end, I’d still rather be turning my pedals.

Now to figure out how to safely take a laptop 14 miles by bike…


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