Posted by: emilybybike | November 8, 2010

Momentous Morning

If celebrating my bike’s 6-month birthday about two weeks ago wasn’t exciting enough, today I hit the big “MM” in mileage on my bike. Yes, I’m being a dork here and using roman numerals (flash back to M&M’s campaign in 2000) but, just about a week ahead of my goal of 2000 by my 27th birthday, I hit 2000 miles this morning just as I was cruising by the National Zoo. Perhaps this is an indication that what I thought were detours have turned into new and exciting routes, and the bumps in my path have smoothed out, leaving it wide open for new adventures, new goals and a bright future. Today was a gorgeous morning for a ride, and it was made even better by hitting the big old 2000 mile mark, at 6 months and 2 weeks in to my challenge. I’m feeling pretty accomplished this morning.

Comparison time – it’s about the distance from Arlington to Moab, UT. Why Moab you ask? Well, Moab is a place mountain bikers dream of going, and maybe, one day, if I’m lucky, I’ll get there. Heck, I’ve already ridden there in theory!

Okay – so next up is 2500 and with the sun setting earlier and temperatures dropping, this may get even more challenging as I cruise toward the end of the year. But I’ve managed my detours, so now I just need to take the weather with me, and keep on pedaling, because as I see it now, I’m going places on two wheels and not looking back. We’ll shoot for 2500 before December 25th (barring any snowstorms of course!)

And before I forget – a quick Congrats to a friend of mine who today is celebrating one year of commuting to work by bike! Way to go Damon & keep it up!



  1. Congrats on reaching MM!! That’s great. I am sure you’ll be able to make your next goal. Keep up the nice work.

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