Posted by: emilybybike | November 22, 2010

Just another Monday

And another foggy morning. Starting to be routine here it seems, but foggy Monday mornings turn into sunny Monday afternoons, and on days in late November when it’s sunny, 65 degrees and your commute home is about an hour-long bike ride – there’s no real reason to complain. Plus, the fog was almost nice this morning, it didn’t hinder visibility greatly, gave me another opportunity to wear my * awesome * yellow glasses, and was the perfect temperature for a ride in. All in all, a good Monday morning 🙂

While there’s noting particularly special about today – today does mark the start of Thanksgiving week, which tends to be a week short on work (office work that is) and long on fun, family, football, cooking and lots and lots of eating. So, perhaps to make this Monday something a little different, and start a week of festivities off right, and since the weather is unseasonably nice out – get out and ride your bike! It’ll be proactive in terms of warding off the holiday “L-Bs” and get you energized to take on family, football and cooking to come.

I’m anticipating my commute home,  looking forward to pedaling through the swirling leaves and crisp fall air, and getting ready to take on the Thanksgiving excitement of later in the week  – I’ll just have to pedal fast enough to out run the sun (setting at 4:55 today – Boo!)


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