Posted by: emilybybike | November 29, 2010

Pedal off that Turkey!

Yes, even ice cream Turkey!! But with one holiday down, and a few more just around the corner, cycling is a great way to scare off those holiday pounds everyone dreads and it can even give you a good “war story” to share at a holiday party when you brave the cold and ride your bike there. I bet it’s also easier to find bike parking than car parking at the stores right now! (and if you’re worried about carrying goodies home – panniers are the answer to that question!). So with all the running around this time of year, ditch the car, ditch the pounds and it’ll make you smile!

As for me, after a brief hiatus for Thanksgiving, I was glad to be back on the bike today, pedaling through my first sub-freezing (31-degree!) morning of the season.

And speaking of cold-weather riding (if that’s another of your reasons not to ride…) the key to staying warm is a good jacket and layering! I am seriously in love with my Giordana Forma jacket…

All I had to wear was a long-sleeve base-layer under this, and I was toasty the entire ride in. (my fingers and toes on the other hand, well, we’ll have to work on those next). This was also on an hour-long ride, so really, if you’re just riding to the store for those last minute forgotten items, or to a friend’s holiday party you’ll be plenty warm.  But I was amazed at how toasty I stayed, even with a slight breeze. Definitely a great winter jacket (and stylish too!)

Well – there ya have it, plenty of reasons TO get out and ride your bike right now, and pretty much all the “I can’t because of …” issues resolved. So get out there and ride!


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