Posted by: emilybybike | December 8, 2010

I’m a wimp

I’ll admit it, after talking about how easy it is to ride in the cold, I took the metro the past two days to work. Maybe I can still blame my softness on the 5 1/2 years I spent going to school in South Carolina … maybe …

After riding home Monday, when I got back in my building, my fingers hurt so bad I wanted to cry – you know – that pain you get after your digits have gone numb, and then the blood starts warming them up again? Not to be over-dramatic, but it borders on excruciating. Hands aside, even when I got back in my apartment, I was still chilled to the bone and it wasn’t until about 30 minutes, bundled in sweats and a mug of hot chocolate later that I finally started to feel warm again. Not fun. Oh, and I can’t forget that riding across Key Bridge with temperatures hovering around freezing and 15-20 mph winds Monday night actually scared me a little – between feeling my hard-earned heat flee in a second, there were even a few moments I had to fight to keep the bike upright. More not fun. But I made it home, bike and girl intact, but wary of the weather.

What this map means is it’s COLD out. Freezing, January-type weather, that I’m waiting to see Penguins outside weather. (I would have taken a picture of me bundled up to ride in, save for the fact that my fingers ceased to function properly in the cold)

So when I turned on the morning news Tuesday, and it said that it was a balmy 26 degrees with a wind-chill making it feel like 17 outside, I chickened out and headed to the metro. That was even cold. It’s about a 10-minute walk to the metro from my apartment, and I was getting close to ice-cube status when I finally reached the station. Today – not much difference, save the wind had dropped from, oh, 30mph gusts to 15-20mph gusts. Still a bitter cold walk, and I chickened out from riding yet again. Slightly frustrated with myself for not even trying it, but remembering advice my brother gave me about mountain biking (and thinking it applies to riding in unfavorable weather as well) There’s riding safe, riding smart and riding stupid. And the past two days, I figured that opting for public transportation as opposed to something that could be potentially dangerous to my health, may qualify as riding smart (or perhaps smart not riding).

The forecast for tomorrow is a little more promising, with at least the winds dying, so perhaps I’ll find a smart way to ride in, as yes, my forays on the metro, albeit warm, sometimes make me a wee bit cranky, and that’s not me.


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