Posted by: emilybybike | January 10, 2011

Not Just for the Slopes Anymore

If you’ve ever ridden outside when it’s near or below freezing,  you know what happens to your eyes when you start to gain any speed or are faced with a headwind – they sting and water. And it’s not pleasant in any means. So after chatting with fellow commuter Mike Reyes from The Bike Lane, I decided to test out commuting in ski goggles this morning.


Dorky? Maybe… Warm? Oh yes! The ski goggles were a HUGE success. Not only did they eliminate the welling and stinging in my eyes, they pretty much acted as a “windshield” for the upper half of my face, keeping the cold and wind out but not fogging up. So when the temperatures really start to drop (it was about 26 degrees and cloudy this morning with winds about 10mph) the ski goggles are the way to go!


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