Posted by: emilybybike | January 13, 2011

Iced Out

Waking up to icicles – pretty but not conducive to riding …

No ski-goggles, lobster gloves or ninja masks can protect you from the ice. And yes, while using studded tires or even the poor man’s solution with zip-ties (thanks for the idea Rob!) crossed my mind, the length and path of my commute again, deterred me from venturing out with snow and ice covering my path. Sure, there are plenty of times I wish I had a shorter commute, and one that didn’t take me over quite so many hills, but at the same time, I’m pretty lucky to be able to get in an hour work-out twice a day going to and from work.  Plusses and minuses to both, and especially more so when it’s icy out, because if I don’t want to ride in this mess, I’m not to keen on driving in either… However, my self-preservation instinct overrode my desire to be tough and ride as I stayed warm and lazy on my way in to work today. Keeping my fingers crossed that this weekend’s warmer temperatures clears my path for smooth riding soon!

On a side note – if you are that hardcore and are commuting in these wicked cold and windy days – I’m impressed!!


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