Posted by: emilybybike | January 25, 2011

Pedal While it’s Hot

And by “hot” I mean above 40. It’s a heat wave! Supposed high of 44 this afternoon! Crazy. So after about another week and a half off the bike due to frigid temperatures and inclement weather, I jumped at the opportunity to pedal in today – especially as tomorrow is looking to be very cold and very wet. Ugh.

It was a big cloudy and very humid (weird, I know) when I left, and the cold cut to my core even through all my layers, but as usual after about 5-10 minutes I was nice and warm, and almost working up a sweat. Even with “warmer” weather out, the path was unusually deserted for a morning commute. I wonder if other folks were succumbing more and more to the challenges of winter bike commuting as I had as well these past few weeks. There were a few other brave souls out, bundled up and pedaling along.

There was ice on the Potomac, and along Rock Creek as well. Covered in ice and snow, Rock Creek becomes quite picturesque in the winter.
The ice, however, didn’t seem to deter a rather large flock of ducks (do ducks flock? I’ve heard flock of birds, flock of geese, but never of ducks…) from splashing in the creed this morning.They cracked me up. I had a pet duck once  for six weeks in high school. Her name was Penelope. She was awesome. Ack, I digress (but ducks are still cool).


Winter riding has turned out to be much more of a challenge than I expected. The weather hasn’t helped me much, and while I try to be “tough” and brave the elements, again, I think some days it’s just smarter not to ride out in the cold or worry about an ice-filled path. That said – when the opportunity does arise and I feel it’s OK (maybe not completely smart, but decent enough). One thing’s for sure, and that is that riding does make me feel a lot better when I get to work – froze nose, toes, fingers and all. So while most days this winter are proving to be a great challenge to ride, when it does get ‘warm’ and ice-free enough – better pedal while it’s hot!


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