Posted by: emilybybike | February 23, 2011

Snow, snow, go AWAY!

Snow. Again. And yes, after I had the genius idea to head even farther north to the land of frozen tundra the one weekend we get a glimpse of Spring. Thursday and Friday here were probably amazing days for doing everything by bike – and if you were here, I hope you did! I was excited to get home and get back to pedaling to work and around town, however the snow and ice seemed to follow me south and a venture out by foot on the path yesterday, proved that going by two-wheels would have been no easy task. I know there are folks who still pedal through the snow, and I applaud you. With 14 miles to get through, and a back-heavy bike that doesn’t like slick spots, right now, I’m not exactly in the mood or mind-frame to risk breaking my bike, or myself. So keeping my fingers crossed that the last of Monday’s snow and ice will clear up enough today to make a more passable path for me tomorrow.

But if the snow keeps coming, well, me, I may just take what I learned in Canada and go by snowshoe 🙂

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