Posted by: emilybybike | March 1, 2011

Hello March, You Look like February

Between the “apocalyptic” thunderstorms that rolled through the area Monday and then the drastic almost 40-degree temperature drop overnight, resulting in a very chilly start to today, I’ll go ahead and wager that March is coming in like a lion. The more spring-hint days we have, it seems the more ready I am for winter to be over! However … that was not the case this morning. With temperatures hovering around freezing, I bundled up and headed out for yet another chilly ride to work. The sunshine made it a little more bearable and also had me smiling. My smile started to fade though when shortly after turning on to the Rock Creek Trail when I heard the sound of something clanking in my back wheel. I stopped and checked it out and found a broken spoke. Ugh. No bueno. I couldn’t wrap it or fix it, so I unscrewed it and continued on my way. I guess between the cold weather, the bumps in the road and my inability to not ride like I’m on a mountain bike takes a toll on the bike. Then, just as I was rounding the bend in the path to bypass the Zoo, I heard another metallic noise and looked down to see another spoke clattering against the wheel. Yikes. This one, I was able to wedge back somewhat into place, but rode extremely carefully the rest of the way into work. Looks like I’ll be having to make and adventure out to The Bike Lane shortly! They’re great there and whenever I manage to break something (because I’m good at it) they always fix it with a smile. New game plan: ride a little easier, and keep my fingers crossed for more spring-like days!!

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