Posted by: emilybybike | March 17, 2011

Luck ‘o the Irish

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! The Luck of the Irish came through today and gave us a gorgeous morning for going by bike. And yes, I’m still trying to take it easy this week between races and generally feeling tired, but with the forecast and the sunshine this morning, I knew there was no way I could get in a car and drive or sit underground on a metro train. Ugh. I even carefully packed the green chocolate chip cookies I had made for our staff pot-luck luncheon today so I could take them by bike as well. I had considered baking brownies, but cookies seemed a little more go-by-bike friendly so they won out in the end. I also discovered they were a lot easier to make green than brownies would have been….

This morning did make me smile and know that the best days of the year for riding are just around the corner, the bright but still slightly chilly mornings that turn into clear mild afternoons that make every ounce of your being want to go outside and breathe the fresh air. Ahhh, Spring…it’s coming and can’t come fast enough! The ride this morning made me also realize how lucky I truly am to be able to go by bike so many places. While a little long, my commute is relatively safe and traffic-free (in the direction I go at least…) and it’s pretty too. How many people get to ride through a national park on their way to work every day? I also get to cruise Georgetown and have an amazing view of the Potomac river coming and going every day. It’s not too bad and it saves me money and puts a smile on my face every day I ride.

Tomorrow’s high is supposed to be around 70, and it’s Friday – a good time to try going by bike if you haven’t already. And, pedal off some of that Irish cheer from tonight’s festivities as well 🙂


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