Posted by: emilybybike | March 29, 2011

January Deja Vu

I thought it was Spring. Ha. Funny. It’s reminiscent of the nicer days in January out. Not almost-April weather. Not super bike-friendly weather. Sure it’s sunny, and I’ll admit that sunny and 50 degrees in March feels a bit warmer than sunny and 50 degrees in January, but I’m getting toward the end of my rope with this winter. I think everyone’s tired of having to layer up to go out and ride or run, and this week is no exception. Today – the “nicest” day of the week started out just above freezing and my decision to wear some lighter weight gloves with false hopes that it would be somewhat warmed resulted in my fingers going numb half-way through my commute. And still a smack in the face after strolling through 80-degree temperatures in New Orleans last week.

I wish I could be more cheery, but right now my motivation is slipping and going by bike has become quite the challenge. Even with a week off due to my work-trip, I’m still feeling sluggish and tired every time I clip in. Hoping it’s just a temporary end-of-winter blues thing…yikes…not somewhere I like to be.

And tomorrow – well tomorrow’s forecast is not at all motivational to ride …

Ewww. My commute may be a game-time decision. And if it is nasty and snowy and you go by bike tomorrow – I’m impressed and I’ll welcome the guest blog!

Here’s to warmer weather!!



  1. Disagree. I think sunny and 50 in January feels MUCH warmer than sunny and 50 in March. Sunny and 50 in July would be freezing. Agree. Winter or spring, whatever you call yourself, just go away. We want 78 degrees.

  2. I look at it that at least in March the sun’s warmer than it is in January and we have more daylight. But that’s just me.

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