Posted by: emilybybike | April 7, 2011

Lost … and FOUND!

Everyone knows how great it feels when you put on a pair of pants or shorts you haven’t worn in months and you find $20 in the pocket. It feels like “free” money, kinda like your tax return…money you forgot you had and suddenly have again! Sweet 🙂 Well, while I didn’t find cash in my pockets this morning, I found something almost as good – a little trinket I had feared lost for good, but now is back where it belongs!

This past fall, it came to my attention that one of my favorite rings was missing and I was a bit bummed. It wasn’t a priceless heirloom,  there was no platinum or diamonds or jewels on it, I’m not even sure what it’s made of, and I actually only paid about $8 for it at a street market in Honolulu. So what was the big deal in losing it? I guess you could say I’m sentimental…I picked it up our last night in Hawaii after my first real “at-sea” experience, where my friend Megan and I belatedly celebrated our birthdays, picked up goofy Hawaiian dresses off the street, then proceeded to change into them and run around in them the rest of the night, and laughed more than I remember laughing that fall in a long time. It was just one of those great evenings, where whenever I look back in my memory vault and think about it, I smile. Meg helped me pick the ring out and we bartered to get the price down from $15 (no it hasn’t turned my finger green yet) and it’s just another fun reminder of a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and a great night with great friends.

The little things (like $8 fidget rings with the ocean on them) in life and the memories they hold, are sometimes the most important.

So now you’re wondering what this has in any way shape or form to do with going by bike? Well, biking is how I initially “lost” the ring, and the reason why I found it again. One of the more tedious parts of going by bike to work is packing everything I need to transform from bike-commuter girl to ocean exploration operations professional day in, day out, and it’s easy for little things (i.e. rings, earrings, socks) to fall out of bags, get put in the wrong place or forgotten. I try to be careful, but sometimes things literally do fall through the cracks.

I guess at one point last fall, when I was still riding in knickers and leg warmers to work, I forgot to put my ring in the little bag I use to carry my jewelry and instead, stuck it in a zippered pocket in my knickers before heading home. (if you ride often, you know it’s kind of annoying to ride a bike with any type of ring on your fingers … think blisters…) And then I subsequently forgot about stashing it there when I got home and got distracted by who knows what. Now fast forward six-months, it’s finally getting warm enough again where I can pull out my little plaid knickers, and as I’m rushing around getting things ready this morning, I keep hearing a jingling. I can’t figure out what it is, I look at my knickers, no zippers, no metal anywhere save the button, and that’s not jingling. So what is it?! I check the side pockets. Nothing, and then, then I reach down and re-remember the side pocket on the leg, that has an extra zipper pocket inside of it. Bingo. I pull out my long-lost ring! (it jingles because it’s a fidget ring – an outside ring that you can spin around the band) Very happy girl this morning. I tucked the ring into my jewelry bag, zipped it tight and rode off to work with a smile on my face.


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