Posted by: emilybybike | April 11, 2011

Turn those pedals!

Well we skipped right over spring and it almost felt like an early summer morning out today! With temperatures in the low 60s, there wasn’t a doubt in my mind about riding in today. I think, however, my legs were slightly in protest, after racing in Saturday’s rather muddy Baker’s Dozen, and my quads reminded me exactly how much they didn’t want to work not even five-minutes in as I turned from Washington Blvd  on to Glebe. Thankfully, that big of my commute is less than a block, and I got to the Custis trail in time to coast down a little hill and catch my breath … before the next hill. Owwww…

But as my trek by bike went on, my legs started to feel better and better and more and more awake. Recovery ride! I was glad that I could take my time and ease back into the bike, as I spent the better part of yesterday horizontal on the couch bemoaning my bruised knees and shins. And still I ride …

Turning the pedals day in day out, whether it be for a race or to take me from point A to point B and back is therapeutic.  It’s freedom, it’s peace and quiet, it’s my time. Of course I have to deal with fickle weather,  cell-phone using taxi drivers and the occasional squirrel or errant child running out in front of me, but even when my legs ache and I think I’d rather be sitting in the car sipping on coffee and listening to random morning radio, in the long run, I’m happiest when I’m turning the pedals, breathing deep and riding my bike.

The weather is turning – highs in the 60s all week – so pick a day, any day, and pick an errand, or a commute and try it by bike. See how it feels. See your energy rise, see your aches and pains not seem so bad anymore. Just turn the pedals…


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