Posted by: emilybybike | April 20, 2011

Busy Morning!

This morning may have been one of the best mornings yet for going by bike – mild and sunny, you didn’t freeze or sweat to death and with lots of folks out on Spring Break car traffic was at a minimum. It was delightful. I think the warmer weather and higher gas prices also have more people starting to go by bike (yay!) as I almost encountered a bit of “bike traffic” waiting at a light near the Key Bridge. There were 5 of us on bikes stopped at the light, and then I passed two more crossing the bridge. Great to see so many people out. And I also saw a few unusual sites this morning (and making me remember I *have* to fix my poor little camera) as I passed a guy riding up the Custis trail on an time-trial bike with an aero helmet and a huge backpack. Interesting sight and I’m not sure how beneficial the aero helmet is in the commute, but I gotta give him props for being out on his bike and not in his car. Next, while cruising down M Street through Georgetown, there was another guy riding a Segway! I’ve seen them on paths before but never in the middle of the street. Interesting concept for sure, but again, someone trying an alternative mode of transportation to driving is good in my book. I wasn’t even to the Rock Creek Path and it had already been an eventful morning on the bike front (if that says anything about how typically quiet my commute can be…)

The rest of the ride in was relatively uneventful, although I did get passed quite rudely as usual by the same blue BMW that always speeds by me on Beach Drive around 8:35-8:40 in the morning. I wonder if he recognizes me as much as I recognize him, or if I’m nothing more than a little blur. Anyway… I made it in, unscathed, and in a good mood. Hoping to see more folks out and about on two wheels when I head home!


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