Posted by: emilybybike | April 21, 2011

Karma or Just The Crazies?

Okay, so maybe I shouldn’t have slightly picked on the dude wearing the aero-helmet or the guy on the segway yesterday. Or I’m over analyzing and it’s simply that since it’s spring break for a lot of folks and warm and sunny out, all the crazies are also out on the roads and paths. Either way, while my ride in this morning was pretty uneventful, my ride home was eventful enough for a few days.

Everything started out normal, but shortly after Pierce Mill in Rock Creek Park, the crazies came out. First, I got honked at (not once, but a whole series of “toot toot toot TOOOOOOT!) and almost ran off the road by a guy driving a car that was probably worth less than my Valencia Ride +. True story. A little shaken I kept pedaling until about half a mile later when I got buzzed again, this time by someone in a minivan who thought it would be a good idea to shout something at me out the window. Newsflash – If you yell something at a cyclist, or anybody for that matter out of a moving vehicle, while moving past them at a higher speed, the cyclist can’t hear you!! And yes, while it’s not pleasant to even have jibberish shouted at you, I always  kinda get a chuckle as the person’s ill attempt to vent their frustration with life on me gets lost in the wind. Brush it off, wondering what is wrong with people, only to turn onto the path near the National Zoo and almost have a Mom in a station wagon full of kids plow in to me. Hello! Can I just be home now please?

Georgetown is always full of excitement, so nothing new there, but then pedaling up the Custis trail I notice something on my bike shorts. At first I think maybe it’s a petal or something that was blowing around in the wind, but no, upon closer inspection it’s bird poo. First time in almost a year of going by bike that I have gotten poo’d on. Gross. While the drivers may be a result of the crazies, I’m touting this one to Karma. I’m sorry Mr. Aero-Helmet and Mr. Segway that I giggled at you.


Thank goodness tomorrow’s Friday and it’s a tele-commute day for me.



  1. This post will resonate well with other who ride…except maybe the bird poo part! I’m actually looking to add a dedicated commuter bike to my fleet, now that i’ve figured out the paths to take to get to work by bike. Two questions though, 1) Are there any accessories or features (for the bike) that you simply can’t live without, and are there any that you wouldn’t mind ditching? and 2) TBL Cyclefest is next week, what are you going to do once you hit the 1 year mark?

  2. Good to hear! Especially now – going by bike really is the way to go! To answer your questions – I’m a huge fan of panniers and fenders. I know panniers can be bulky and look a little goofy, but they hold a ton and don’t give you an achy back like a backpack or messenger bag can. Fenders rock. They keep you and your bike clean and make it not so bad riding in rain or through puddles. So The Bike Lane has actually asked me to keep this up for another year, so we’ll mark the anniversary and keep pedaling. I’m almost to 3,000 miles and am pretty psyched.

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